Behringer Securities LP is Now Provasi Capital Partners LP

DALLAS (October 5, 2015) – Behringer Securities LP announced today that as the next step in the company’s three-year evolution—from single-purpose investment provider into an independent investment management platform with select portfolio managers and specialized strategies—it will now be known as Provasi Capital Partners LP. In tandem with the announcement, the company also unveiled a new website and a refreshed corporate identity.

Provasi is derived from the Greek word for ‘access,’ which underscores our deep, personal commitment to providing financial advisors and investors with access to not only selected managers and investment strategies, but also to cutting-edge market insights and thought leadership content, as well as education and business development tools to create more meaningful relationships with their clients,” said Frank Muller, CEO and President of Provasi Capital Partners.

As the name implies, Provasi Capital Partners will serve as the point of access to select investment managers and strategies designed to diversify investment portfolios in a variety of market cycles. This company’s stated goal is to help financial advisors and their clients preserve wealth through access to unique options for allocating capital, managing risk and diversifying assets.

“As markets continue to evolve, so too will our investment strategies and asset managers,” said Muller. "We anticipate continuously evaluating the investment landscape for new portfolio diversifiers that investors will undoubtedly need to preserve their wealth.”

About Provasi Capital Partners LP

Provasi Capital Partners LP offers access to specialized investment strategies through a multi-manager approach presenting advisors and their clients with unique options for allocating capital, managing risk and diversifying assets. For more information, call 866.655.3600 or visit Member FINRA/SIPC.


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