Behringer Announces Successful Closure of 1031 Offering


DALLAS (MONTH DAY, 2015) – Behringer and its affiliated sponsor, Behringer Net Lease Advisors, LLC have announced that DST III — the third in a series of multi-property Delaware statutory trust (DST) programs — is now fully committed and subscribed. 

The sponsor’s net lease platform, with over $30 million under management, is structured as multi-property, net lease portfolios, and offer access to real estate through fractional or sole ownership with the potential for capital preservation, appreciation, and tax-efficient, non-correlating income. Additionally, the sponsor has entered into an agreement to arrange and manage a custom 1031 exchange with approximately $43 million in equity.

“A volatile stock market, low bond yields, and growing need for income-oriented investments have created demand for tax-efficient, creditworthy, single-tenant net lease assets,” says Brad Watt, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Behringer Net Lease Advisors, LLC. “Many investors own the stocks and bonds of the companies we invest in, but now through our diversified DST and custom 1031 programs, they have the opportunity to be the landlord to some of the best retailers in the country. Our track record in this space means we will be expanding these offerings moving forward.”

“We are encouraged by the ongoing success of our net lease investment platform, due in large part to our institutional underwriting and portfolio management experience,” says Frank Muller, Executive Vice President and Head of Distribution at Behringer. “While our family of products encompasses a variety of investment types and distribution channels, each program remains singular to our mission of providing investors opportunities we believe in.”

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Behringer creates, manages and distributes specialized investments through a multi-manager approach that presents unique options for allocating capital, managing risk and diversifying assets. Investments sponsored and managed by the Behringer group of companies have invested more than $11 billion in assets. For more information, call toll-free 866.655.3600 or visit

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